In 2006, Mr. Boone Pickens propelled Oklahoma State to the next level, allowing it to raise the facility bar for the rest of the country. But he did more than that. He forever changed the mindset of Oklahoma State’s alumni and fans. And thanks to him, as we look to the future...

We're All In.

Oklahoma State is poised to take the visionary Athletic Village concept into the next generation.

Our commitment to providing every competitive advantage for our Cowboy and Cowgirl student-athletes has never burned brighter.



Presenting every Cowboy and Cowgirl student-athlete with the opportunity to succeed is our true north.


Fan Experience

New facilities offer a new and improved gameday experience for OSU fans, students and alumni.

Something for


A comprehensive blueprint that will impact every OSU student-athlete.

We're All In

Human Performance
Innovation Complex

We're All In

Softball Stadium

We're All In

Indoor Track

We're All In

Athletics Center Expansion

The Time Is Now

Building the best to be the best.

Oklahoma State has long competed on the highest level of college athletics with great success, as represented by our 52 NCAA National Championships.

Throughout our history, what it takes to compete at this level has continued to change. Nearly two decades ago, Boone Pickens committed to making sure OSU would compete - and win - in the modern era of college athletics. That commitment shifted the paradigm for OSU, inspired others to do similar, and the entire OSU Family to follow with previously unprecedented support of the Cowboys and Cowgirls. We are very proud of what we have built since Boone’s commitment, but the time has come to push forward and build upon what he started by taking our stadium and Athletic Village into this new era of the Big 12 Conference and college athletics.

Chad Weiberg

Since the stadium upgrades were completed in 2009, our facilities have earned their reputation as some of the best in college football. The addition of the Human Performance Innovation Complex and Football Center, this shows we are committed to not only staying ahead of the competition, but being on the cutting edge of what it takes to prepare our student-athletes for success both on and off the field.

Mike Gundy


Since I've been here, the support for our program has had a direct correlation to why we've been so good. A new stadium is attractive to prospective student-athletes and will help our fanbase that's always asking for more seating. It also reinforces the national perception that Oklahoma State is all in our softball program.

Kenny Gajewski


I've been to cross country courses all over the world, and we've got the best course in the world. It's not hyperbole, it's just fact. Two-thirds of what cross country athletes do is indoor track and outdoor track, and I think if we had those facilities and we're a complete track and field program. And from there, the sky's the limit.

Dave Smith

Cross Country, Track and Field

We face a lot of challenges with scheduling practice time in our current facility, so being able to get in outside of practice hours would be a tremendous help to our student-athletes. The landscape of college athletics is changing daily, and as we move forward and compete with the best of the best, a practice facility that's always accessible to our student-athletes is an absolute necessity for us.

Jacie Hoyt

Women's Basketball

We've outgrown our facility. As wrestling has evolved, things spread out and we need more space to be able to keep our guys healthy. Hard work and busting your tail wins, but we also want to be able to go into a facility that we can be proud of and not have to worry about anything other than having great workouts.

John Smith


A new practice facility gives our student-athletes more access on a more consistent basis to the gym, and gives our program more flexibility in scheduling. Continuing to invest in our facilities is vitally important to building a program that's competitive nationally, and tells our student-athletes that we're going to always invest in making them the best they can be.

Mike Boynton

Men's Basketball